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"Elevating Your Company To New Heights, One Employee At A Time!"

The Wellspring Company

"Increasing Profitability by Investing in Your People."

Wellness for Peak Performance

Are you a business owner seeking to increase your bottom line?

Are you a small to mid-sized company that wants to provide employee benefits that will have a positive impact on all levels of your company?

Looking for ways to rejuvenate a stressed, unmotivated workforce? Does it seem as if you're spinning your wheels, trying to move ahead but seeming to fall further behind?

Worrying about the competition? Trying to figure out what will set you apart from the rest and make you the leader in your industry?

We offer a custom tailored Wellness Program to meet the needs of your company – because wellness no longer means the absence of sickness.

It's about optimizing your company's productivity and elevating your company to new heights… one employee at a time.

read more...Your competitors all provide similar services and products. What is going to give your company the edge? What is going to make you the leader in your industry?

The variable is your greatest asset… YOUR PEOPLE!

How will they become loyal to you and your company? How will they be equipped to give you their best performance day in and day out? Who will give them the tools to equip them to be better communicators in the workplace?

How will they stay motivated? Creative? Productive?

In these economic times, certainly there are many who just need a job and will work for less than what they deserve, in less than ideal environments and circumstances. You have the advantage now as there are so many workers to choose from.

But What About Down the Road...?

Why wouldn't you want to position yourself as the company that hires the best workforce and then actually keeps them?

Wouldn't you want to be the company that gives and gets the best out of their people; the company with the reputation that people truly want to work for?

Healthy Companies Begin with Healthy Employees

Tired, sick, stressed employees are unable to work to their full potential, which means they are not capable of giving you their best consistent job performance. High absenteeism, low morale, high turnover and underachievement are costing your company plenty.

Many companies are not achieving their highest potential because their employees, management and executives are not presently capable of giving their all.

Hence, they are not contributing positively to the bottom line.

The Wellspring Company offers training, consulting and coaching that brings new life, health, energy and profitability to your company!

We present tools and techniques that are simple, easy to use, and easy to implement right away. We help your people begin to think and work better. We educate, advocate, and motivate them to the finish line.

Your employees will reap the benefits of increased energy and vitality. They'll enjoy enhanced co-worker, colleague and client communication, plus be equipped with tools to resolve conflicts.

And they'll gain a new outlook on themselves and one another that will help them to soar-- rather than just survive-- the workplace.

Don't Be One of the Herd.

Let The Wellspring Co. move you in a new direction.

Change must come from within… it is a process of educating, motivating and rejuvenating…

We are all a product of days, months and years of habits. We bring awareness through our training to your workforce to show them which habits are strengths, and which ones are holding them back, individually and collectively.

Creating mentally, emotionally and physically healthier employees creates a dynamic workforce for you.

Allow The Wellspring Company to put our passions of health, nutrition, sales training, customer relations, management training, team building, resilience and stress-reduction to work-- for you and for your company.

The Wellspring Company

Services Customized to Meet Your Company's Needs

Level 1 - Enhancing Performance

  • One-time speaking engagement. Choose from our list of 24 created workshops or topics. Other topics available by request if it fits with our areas of expertise. Available on an ongoing/monthly basis.

Level 2 - Profound Performance Improvement

  • Wellness needs-assessment for employees and management via interviews, inventories and a variety of other methods.
  • On-site training and/or workshops two times a month. Choose from our list of 24 workshops.
  • Individual wellness counseling/ consulting for staff as deemed necessary (in person/phone/Skype.)
  • Improvement status reports and future recommendations for long term success.
  • Annual on-site wellness fair with alternative health care providers.

Level 3 - Intensive Performance Improvement

  • Performance wellness needs assessment for employees and management via interviews, inventories, questionnaires.
  • Individual wellness consulting, counseling and coaching for staff, management and/or executives.
  • Wellness assessment and recommendations per each department.
  • Annual wellness fair with alternative health care providers.
  • Weekly training and consulting for in-house staff, executives, management, owners.
  • Onsite chair massage for employees and management *may not be available at all locations*
  • Weekly meetings with management only for training/consulting in person or via conference calls.
  • Administer personality assessment and testing for employees and other staff to increase self awareness, create an environment of increased compassion, and assist in team building and productivity.
  • Quarterly motivational all-day or half-day workshops with topic of your choice.
  • Wellness in marriage/ family workshops for staff to enhance work/life balance.

Utilizing a Business/Wellness model is no longer viewed as a luxury.

Smart businesses are now incorporating wellness as a business strategy for success and increased profitability.

Improvement Status Reports (including ROI) and ongoing Wellness Program Development Strategies for long term success are included in Levels 2 and 3 to ensure these programs endure for your company's benefit long after we are gone!

Contact us today for more information on how we can get your company to peak performance!


Optimal Wellness, Inc. dba The Wellspring Company

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow
Chief Wellness Officer
Executive Consultant/Trainer


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